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Reviews:Self-Portrait as Rumor and Blood

This is so belated, but I wanted to thank Henry for his review of my chapbook; and Iris for recommending it as part of their Staff Reads in 2012!


Self-Portrait as Rumor and Blood
by Rachelle Cruz
Dancing Girl Press, 2012
Recommended by Iris:
 ”Another fabulous Dancing Girl title. Notable for the courageous viscerality of its voice, Cruz’s chap is tonally very different from Eliason’s, but also intensely powerful. Cruz’s speaker is a shape-shifter, slipping easily in and out of voices and narratives from across time and space in order to weave together a portrait that glistens as much with sinew as it does with the force of its story.”


And from Henry’s review:

“The final note of the chapbook embraces the wild and vindictive for its possibilities. In the final title poem, “Self-Portrait as Blood,” the speaker invokes her blood as a genealogical but also mythic heritage, as a river (cf. Langston Hughes reclaiming tradition when he sang, “I’ve known rivers”), as a “magic of return,” and, finally, as a “wild, wild water.” Water as sustenance, but also as something in constant motion, flowing, refusing to stagnate or be penned in.”



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National Poetry Month Happenings

Hi, everyone!

Just a quick update with a few poetry events.  Hope to see you there!

*Sunday, April 14th – FREE Poetry Workshop and Reading at Skylight Books.  Hosted by the wonderful Terry Wolverton.

You want to celebrate National Poetry Month but you’re chagrinned to admit you just don’t understand poetry? Or maybe you’ve always wanted to write poetry, but don’t really know how it’s done? Join Skylight Books and Writers At Work’s Terry Wolverton on Sunday, April 14 from 2-4 p.m. for a free workshop, The Secret Life of Poems. Terry has invited 6 next generation poets—Ashley Blakeney, Rachelle Cruz, Ashaki M. Jackson, Eden Jeffries, Menhaz Sahibzada and Andrew Wessels —  to discuss their writing process and the techniques they use to create their poems. Participants will learn the fundamentals of writing and reading poetry.

Poetry is meant to be heard as well as read.  Join us on Sunday, April 14 at 5 p.m. as we hear the delightful and provocative poems of Poets At Work members Kim Dower, Yvonne M. Estrada, Steven Fleet, Dylan Cameron Gailey, Brett Guitar Hofer, Eric Howard, Sharon Venezio, Terry Wolverton and Helen Yeoman.  They will be joined by a dynamic group of next generation poets—Ashley Blakeney, Rachelle Cruz, Ashaki M. Jackson, Eden Jeffries, Menhaz Sahibzada and Andrew Wessels.

*Sunday, April 20th, 12-2 pm – Dancing Girl Press and Finishing Line Press at the Smokin’ Hot Literary Lounge.  Hosted by Kaya Press at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books.  Booth #380.
Reading by Dancing Girl Press and FInishing Line Press authors at 1 pm:
*Rachelle Cruz
*Kate Durbin
*Lauren Eggret-Crowe
*Vickie Vertiz
And more on the Smoking Hot Lit Lounge below!
The booth will feature indie presses from LA, readings and workshops in our lounge (couches! rugs! lamps!), and fun interactive literary games. Stop by and make a bookmark, participate and watch our special #HOTLIT Instagram feed, or just curl up on our couch with some smokin’ hot indie literature. Readings & Workshops by: Deborah Miranda (Bad Indians, HeyDay Press), Nicky Sa-eun Schildkraut (Magnetic Refrain, Kaya Press), Richard Rayner, Dancing Girl Press, Boxcar Poetry Review, Writ Large Press, Southern California Review, and SO MUCH MORE.

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