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A List – Why Hello There!

-is reading Charles Burns’ Black Hole and is slightly disturbed.

-is writing 75 lines a day as prescribed by Juan Felipe Herrera.

-is grading scantrons and running around the UCR campus.

-is kind of afraid of my Creative Non-Fiction Workshop.  What should I write about?

-is craving Thai red curry.

-is reading Aimee Nezhukumatathil’s Lucky Fish.

-is planning for a creative writing workshop for high school students.

-is hungry.

-is doodling in a sketchbook for homework.

-is reading submissions for CRATE Magazine, UCR’s graduate literary journal.  Please do submit!

-is thinking about submitting, applying, writing, but isn’t actually doing any of these.

-is too lazy to write a real blog post.  Instead, I’ve written 10 status updates!



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