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Summer Reading in Palm Springs

Phew!  In the midst of moving, registering for classes at UCR (yay!), and quitting my jobs, I’ve found time to go on a mini-vacation with my best friends from college this past weekend.  We stayed at a hipstery hotel called ACE, which was fun, retro and reflected the desert landscape of Palm Springs.  We ate tons and laid near the pool for most of the weekend. Everyone brought books/graphic novels/magazines to read poolside, and it was fun for me to see what my friends are reading.  Rio’s reading DRINKING COFFEE ELSEWHERE by ZZ Packer; Kelly had Y: THE LAST MAN 2 by Brian K. Vaughn (a graphic novel series) and SEVERANCE PACKAGE by Duane Swierczynski in tow; Melissa brought SAG HARBOR by Colson Whitehead, and I gave Arielle a copy of Attica Locke’s BLACK WATER RISING.  I’ve succumbed to the Stieg Larsson craze, and am currently reading THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO.  And it’s true, the action starts around page 100, and I’m proud that I’ve stuck with it.  Since I started working at a bookstore that expects monthly recommendations and blurbs for its newsletter, I’ve grown accustomed to reading many books at a time, and tossing them aside when they don’t pick up the pace at around page 5.  Summer reading makes me feel more open to reading books and genres I wouldn’t normally read, such as mysteries and young adult books.  I think this openness is important as a poet and lover of books because it makes me remember why I crack the spine of a book in the first place.

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