I Love Reading Lists and YA

Oh, I love them, even though I don’t usually finish half the books on my lists. Yup, listS– plural. I sometimes write them down (one is published on Lantern Review’s blog) but they’re usually just physical piles of books that surround my bed.

Of course, most of these books are poetry, but summer is also a good time for me to indulge in YA books; lots of fun and adventure in such quick, and mostly well-written reads.  I devoured the Golden Compass series by Philip Pullman a few summers ago, finished reading all of the Harry Potter series (of course), and will admit to reading the first Twilight book (couldn’t continue because Meyers’ writing is awful).  I’ve recently just read two YA books this week: Rick Riordan’s The Lightning Thief, Chris Grabenstein’s The Smoky Corridor and am now reading Suzanne Collins’ The Hunger Games. As a part-time bookseller at an indie in L.A., I’ve noticed that YA books have significantly gotten darker in content and tone since I was a kid, yet they’re more well-written and sophisticated.  I grew up on the Babysitters’ Club and Sweet Valley High series, which were fun and digestible yet their characters’ seemed like they lived on entirely different (i.e. mostly white) worlds than me.  Reading YA reminds me of spending my entire summers at the public library in Hayward and incurring astronomical late fees that my dad would be so pissed about paying.  Ahh, memories!  Oh, and I’m trying to get as much YA reads as possible before school starts in the fall.  If you have any suggestions, comment me.

Anyway, back to a lazy afternoon in an air-conditioned bedroom with The Hunger Games!


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