Imelda Marcos dances with David Byrnes

OK- I’m writing posts back-to-back because I just found out about this album David Byrnes (Talking Heads) and Fatboy Slim produced entitled Here Lies Love, which came out earlier this month. It’s a pop/disco conceptual album, detailing the controversial life of the extravagant Imelda Marcos, famous for her shoe hoarding.   This is so bizarre to me, a second-generation American whose parents left the Philippines because of the Marcos era.

Cyndi Lauper singing, “He’s so fast, tell me what’s his name?/It was only a moment, but I don’t feel the same /He gave me—two roses/He gave me—two roses/One is open/One is closed/One is the future/And—one is my love—” about Imelda’s falling in love with the soon-to-be president.  BIZARRE!

This is from David Byrnes’ introduction to the album:

“The story I am interested in is about asking what drives a powerful person—what makes them tick? How do they make and then remake themselves? I thought to myself, wouldn’t it be great if—as this piece would be principally composed of clubby dance music—one could experience it in a club setting? Could one bring a ‘story’ and a kind of theater to the disco? Was that possible? If so, wouldn’t that be amazing!”
You can find lyrics, blog, and samples of the album here.
I’m not sure whether or not to feel offended.  From what little I know about the Marcos family, it ain’t good.  What do folks out there think?

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