Longaniza Breath

I’m giving up take-out, deli lunches and the late-night drive thru for home cooking for Lent.  Check out the blog Thomas and I created, chockful of photos and delicious posts, here.

We were inspired by a Huffington Post writer, Cathy Erway, who began the blog “Not Eating Out in New York” as a 2 year experiment in a city known for its accessibility to street food and gourmet.  The results: a deepened connection to food, where it comes from, how it’s prepared.

Last weekend, we made steak fajitas, red velvet cupcakes, fresh salsa and guacamole.  Last night, I made chicken adobo (I made it spicy!).   Tonight, I’m making arroz con pollo without saffron.  I used to cook plenty in New York, but not so much in L.A.  I’m glad that I’m getting into the habit again.  All this cooking and recipe reading means less time for reading and writing poetry.  But it also means more time for working with my hands, digging in the dirt at my school’s community garden, growing basil in my window, asking folks for recipes.  Plenty has been written on how cooking affects writing, and I’m happy to cook as a way to stir the senses and be open to how this experience will influence my work.

For everyone out there, if you have a recipe I should try, let me know!



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2 responses to “Longaniza Breath

  1. Wow, yum, you made red velvet cupcakes!

    This is awesome, Rachelle. Cooking and gardening has also been nice and poetic process related for me as well. I’ve been interested in how I tweak and “Americanize” my family’s traditional Filipino recipes, or how close I can actually approximate them.

    A couple of my easy favorites: salmon sinigang with Japanese miso, and lemon, tomatoes, eggplant to sour. Chicken adobo with coconut milk.

  2. racruzzo

    Hi Barbara!

    Thanks for the comment. Yeah, the red velvet was challenging, but sooo worth it. I’ve eaten way too many. 🙂 My next dessert project is chocolate banana lumpia (with Nutella)! I’m excited.

    I’m going to try salmon sinigang for sure, and I love chicken adobo with coconut milk. Thanks again for the suggestions.

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