Poet Dick Lourie in his most recent book If the Delta was the Sea writes about the Mississippi delta region.  The book is an homage of Clarksdale, Mississippi, where many blues musicians were born.

I’m inspired to write a poem on place, in the style of Dick Lourie, who writes 10 syllables/line.



i’d dream you some strange new york city

opening into a mouthful of black beans

maripositas fritas in chinatown where

the false silk waiters’ jackets unravel

i’d dream you eggshells carefully buried

under palm trees/ a sweep of prayer floats above

a list of names of those passed/ the names of water

i’d dream you a crown of boleros muttering

to guava trees at night/ ghosts who sway above

my bed gather in celebration / stroke their

beards in time with the slapping of guitars.


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