“Yes, Dreamer”

A poem by my father, Romeo Cruz.  Inspired by Martin Luther King, Jr.

Yes,  Dreamer
Moses spoke again before
the burning bush in doubt
and rubbed the soot from his skin
but God thunders from the bush-
Don’t you have faith in yourself.
You are good as everybody else.
Convince them even the Pharaoh
that I am with you all the days.
This burning bush never fizzles out
like the faith that did not stop the
crowds at Ebenezzer Church at Atlanta
from shouting and jumping with hallejuhah
for the Promised land of freedom?
But m’am, aren’t you supposed
to get up and give your seat
the White man.  But, sir, I
so tired and this bus is full like
derelicts of Pharaoh’s carts
coming from the Nile.  I am tired
of working for the White man and
have to see the Promised land of
Freedom. But God thunders from
the burning bush: Stop rubbing
that soot off your skin.
The burning bush will not fizzled
out like the sun and the desert
sandstorms will never block
the dreams of our children.


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