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From J. Torres' Lola: A Ghost Story

My love and admiration for graphic novels is fairly new, although I grew up with cousins who read The Sandman series, Watchmen, 300, among other classics.  I was hooked with Marjane Satrapi’s Persepolis, and now finally read graphic novels my cousins have been recommending me for years.

What I love about graphic novels is the variety of styles, the relationship (and sometimes tension) between text and visual art…and I can read them pretty fast. 🙂  My favorite subgenre is the memoir.  My favorite graphic novelists are Adrian Tomine, Marjane Satrapi, and Frank Beddor.  I can’t stand manga, or the Marvel stuff. I know that Spiderman is classic, but I don’t really care to read the comics.

I am certainly no expert but I have somehow become in charge of organizing, displaying and suggesting graphic novels to purchase at the local independent bookstore where I work part-time.  I’ve been eyeing Crime Fiction writer, Dennis Lehane’s Shutter Island in graphic novel form for my rather long “to-read” list.   I’ve skimmed through Frank Beddor’s Mad Hatter series, which is a spin-off to his Young Adult, Alice in Wonderland-inspired,  Looking Glass Wars. I love what Beddor has done in to create two multigenre series from two perspectives, in order to tell versions of the same story.

Barbara Jane Reyes recently posted an announcement about Lola: A Ghost Story, a graphic novel written by J. Torres, a Filipino author.   This is the first Filipino graphic novel I have heard of, and I am psyched to buy, read it, and maybe invite J. on The Blood-Jet.  Have folks heard of any others?

You can find a review for Lola: A Ghost Story here.

You can purchase it from Oni Press here.


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  1. Check out how LOLA: A Ghost Story was made on the following links:

    Story by J. Torres
    Pencils by Elbert Or
    Inks by Jonas Diego
    Grayscale by Robo Monkey Pixel Fighters’ (RMPF) Neil Amiel Cervantes and Katrina Mae Hao

    Thank you for helping promote the book! 🙂

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