Hello 2010.

2009 was an incredible year of growth, love and challenge.  This past year, I became an EV PEN Fellow, wrote some poems for my aswang project, got some work published in Back Room Live and Kweli Journal, and began The Blood-Jet Writing Hour radio show.  I also moved twice in Los Angeles, fell in love, visited many beach towns (San Clemente, Santa Cruz, San Diego, Newport Beach, Laguna Beach), traveled to France and Spain, and incorporated yoga into my morning routine.

I think the most challenging part of this year was letting go.  I found it difficult to let go of control over my writing when I could have benefited from being more open.  I still struggle with living in my new apartment and in Los Angeles.  I complained a lot about money, or lack thereof, this year.

Today, my roommate Nate and I are going to create vision boards today for this year.  A few ideas, goals, resolutions for this year are:

*Riding my bike a few times a week.

*Applying (and getting into) graduate school for creative writing.

*Balancing my energy amongst my loved ones.

*Living a wealthy consciousness.  Money comes and goes…

*Visiting Texas.

*Create a filing system for my paperwork: bills, revision.

*Writing letters to old high school friends.

*Learning Tagalog.

*Learn how to make Filipino dishes more healthy.

*Letting Acela breathe.  She wants to live in Los Angeles, but she still wants to figure out what she’s doing in St. Louis.

I’m honestly most excited about going back to school.  Work is rough, and it will be nice to finally focus on writing for a few years.  Cheers to 2010 being filled with more love, poetry and prosperity!


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