The Ocean in December (and during the grueling MFA application process)

I’m a little cross-eyed from writing the first draft of my Statement of Purpose.  I’m quite skilled at procrastination (who isn’t), and I’ve seemed to have updated all forms of social networking today before even opening Word. But at least I’ve got a first draft.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the Statement of Purpose (and the Personal History Statement.  Two very different things, I’ve learned) without actually writing, which simply overwhelmed me.  It’s the too-much- thinking part that blocks me from writing.  After work today, I decided on a whim to take the bus to the Santa Monica Beach, where I was able to sit for an hour and take it all in.  I love the beach in the winter.  There are typically less people, and the breeze is a lot sharper, and it smells stronger.  I recently downloaded this app on my I-Touch that allows me to listen to ocean sounds, and of course it’s not the same.  The beach is about overwhelming all the senses in a way to clear everything, all thought, out. This was a good way to start writing.


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