It’s a little after 10 pm on Monday night.  I’ve just gotten off the phone with one of my best friends who is still at work (she strives to succeed in the media arts/film), claiming that a lack of sleep will get things done.

“Jay-Z doesn’t sleep,” she says.

Last week, prior to talking with J. Bradley on The Blood-Jet Writing Hour, we talked a bit over email.  He mentioned that he works (a little more than) full-time, is married and travels for the day job.  He says he doesn’t  sleep.

I admire artists who can dig late into the night.   I used to be able to do that.  In high school and college, I loved staying up late after everyone else, sounds falling into the dark quiet.  Nowadays, I’m learning how to enjoy the mornings — doing yoga, writing a few lines or pages, checking emails, drinking coffee.  Learning is the word.  I still slam the snooze button even after more than 9 hours of sleep.

I’m always curious about writers’ schedules and rituals.  During the PEN EV days, Michael Datcher said, “you must have a ritual.”  His being 5 am walks to the beach.

I think rituals are important.  A place to reflect, to return to and be constant, which is important not only for writing.  I think balance is equally important, as I LOVE both sleep, the quiet night and paced morning.


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  1. pharrell goes to bed by 11pm.

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