Stealing Writing Moments

I’ve been carrying a small notebook with me at work.  At the after-school program where I work, the students are working on still-life drawings of corn, pumpkins, the fruits of autumn.  The markers they were using had some awesome names: terra cotta, true green, tuscan red, blue slate, poppy, and my favorite, rhodamine.

Apparently, the “rhodamine” marker was named after a family of chemical compounds.


Today, at the bookstore where I work, I learned that lily of the valley and night-blooming jasmine are poisonous.


I’m contemplating making a chapbook of “aswang in L.A.” poems after reading for the Light the Sky Poetry Series in Eagle Rock.  Some folks inquired about purchasing something from me, and I don’t feel like it’s appropriate to bust out the “Honey May Soon Run Out” chapbooks.  They seem a bit outdated, and don’t contain the aswang poems.  Might this distract from the bigger project? Is this all just for vanity?


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  1. aswang in LA sounds beautiful…

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