“The Worse Thing A Writer Can Do…”

I’ve been tweeting for The Blood-Jet and came across this quote from the “Advice to Writers” stream:

The worst thing a writer can do is to think. The best thing to do is to react, which includes thinking but doesn’t let it act as an impediment or a censor. When you read something, you think something—write that down. That’s what I’m always trying to do.


This resonated with me because I sometimes revise while I write.  The thinking becomes judging.  This quote is a good reminder to rely on instincts, and not forcing words to show up on the page.

On another note, already planning for Winter/Spring 2010 for The Blood-Jet.  Suggestions?

Oh, I have some upcoming readings:

Oct. 18th at 1 pm at the Tarzana Community Center.  “Poetry for Health, Hope and the Heart” hosted by Laurel Ann Bogen.

Nov. 12th at 7 pm at Eagle Rock Plaza.  “Light Up the Sky Poetry Series” with William Archila, Lory Bedikian, Jamie Fitzgerald.


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