Writing Marinade

The Emerging Voices Fellowship is over.

I haven’t lifted a finger towards my project in a month.  There’s something about a FINAL Reading that makes it seem so FINAL, especially when that thing you’ve been writing isn’t even done.  Oh yeah, and there’s that ‘living life’ stuff that happens too.

Instead of feeling guilty, I’ve come up with a list of writing goals for the next month or so that will help my project marinate.

  • Write a poem for every vacation day.  I’m headed off to France and Spain for about 10 days in September. I’ve never been to Europe before, so it’ll be a good way to revive my writing; being able to see cities with new eyes.
  • Be a reading series fan.  I want to find to follow a series, even if I don’t know all the poets or writers reading.  Tongue in Groove at Hotel Cafe, the Third Area at the Pharmaka, are a few that I’ve been to  in Los Angeles and I’m more interested in attending consistently.
  • Set up more author interviews for “The Blood-Jet.”  Anyone have any more suggestions?
  • Take a visual arts class at Santa Monica College.

My goals for the Aswang project are:

  • FINISH writing in October.  Ripe for Halloween.
  • FINISH revising by the end of December.

I’m excited about this, and have come to terms with not writing every second of the day.  Sometimes, everything needs to sit for awhile.


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