New Apartment

It has built-in bookshelves inside the closet! (I’m told they’re meant for clothes).

Nope, books.

I will have limited internet access for a bit, but I will try to steal some internet time at work!

In the meantime, I’ve been working on a post-Emerging Voices post for the PAWA blog, corresponding with authors and publishers for my radio show “The Blood-Jet” and unpacking.

So far, on the fall calendar for “The Blood-Jet,” I have Jayne Cortez and Kim Addonizio.

I’m still looking for more folks to interview.  Which writers do you recommend I bring on the radio show?  I’m open, and like a mixed bag of writers who’ve been around for a while and emerging writers.

Feel free to comment!



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2 responses to “New Apartment

  1. I’d recommend Rachel McKibbens, her debut collection Pink Elephant will be coming out soon from Cypher Books.

    She is a fierce writer with a take-no-prisoners mentality when it comes to exposing the darker side of her personal experiences. This also allows for a deeper appreciation of simple, tender moments as well.

    Rachel also combines her nuanced work with a theater background to create a performance style that stays true to her text and conveys incredible emotional impact garnering her many accolades including the Women’s Individual World Poetry Slam championship.

  2. racruzzo

    Dear Oscar,

    Thanks for the comment and recommendation!

    I can’t wait to read her collection, and set up an interview.

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