Stolen Moments

As I prepare to move into my new place, interview for fall jobs, and start the school year, it appears to be a good-crazy time in my life.

Amidst the hustle, juggling the many jobs, I try to incorporate my writing and poetry in my downtime at work.  Instead of sitting in front of the television after the kid I was babysitting went to bed, I perused their family bookshelf.  Found a 19080s copy of the Norton Poetry Anthology.  As my tiny corner of the studio grows vertically with book-mess, I find it refreshing to read books, flip through anthologies, and write in other people’s spacious homes.  There’s also a sense of a time restriction, which makes you write fast, flip through more.

Tonight, I found this excellent A.R. Ammons poem, appropriately titled “Pet Panther” on the subject of attention, which I’ve been writing about lately.

Pet Panther By A.R. Ammons

My attention is a wild

animal: it will if idle

make trouble where there

was no harm: it will

sniff and scratch at the

breath’s sills:

it will wind itself tight

around the pulse

or, undistracted by

verbal toys, pommel the

heart frantic: it will

pounce on a stalled riddle

and wrestle the mind numb:

attention, fierce animal

I cry, as it coughs in my

face, dislodges boulders

in my belly, lie down, be

still, have mercy, here

is song, coils of song, play

it out, run with it.


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One response to “Stolen Moments

  1. “As my tiny corner of the studio grows vertically with book-mess…”

    Cool image/phrasing.

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