More EV Reflection

As I prepare to write a blog post for PAWA , I realize that I’ve filled up five notebooks with notes from Author Evenings, scribbled and stolen lines, free-writes during Laurel Ann Bogen’s workshops, drafts from Suzanne Lummis’ UCLA Ext. class.

I want to excavate these notebooks.  Piece together what inspired poems, the creation of this blog and other venues to publicly declare myself as a writer. These notebooks have spilled into the space above my desk in the form of post-its, postcards.

The following notes hang above my computer:

“Poetry is the language of suggestion, not the language of meaning.”

-Terrance Hayes

“Poetry is the blood-jet.  There is no stopping it.”

-Sylvia Plath

“What you do instead of your work has become your work.”

-a quote Suzanne Gardinier referenced from a friend.

“All is for the very best, so move forward happily and feel yourself as a part of the whole process of change.”

-Deepak Chopra


my business card.  A lady in red, surely a poet.


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