Is It Ready?

When do you know a poem (rather, a book of poems) is ready to submit for publication?
Yes, of course the poems need to go under rigorous revision, that delicate operation or the messy chopping block. But even in that process, how do you know if it’s ready for publication?
With some of the aswang poems I’ve written earlier this year, despite their revision, I’ve reread them since, and UGH.  Why do I feel like I like my newest work the best? Does this make a poor poet out of me?  How does a poem reach its final form?
With upcoming deadlines from Kundiman and A Room of Her Own for full-length manuscripts, how do you strike a balance between the excitement to publish and the resting period the poems should have?  When do you know it’s TIME?  How do you know when you’re holding the poems for too long?

Honestly, my impulse is to rush, hurry, finish these poems, and submit.  Perhaps this is my own anxiety in just getting the project done in general.

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