As I begin to order the poems I’ve written for my tenatively titled project “Ascela at the World’s Greatest Fair,” I grow more excited about the larger form these poems will take.

For the past few months of the fellowship, I’ve been trying to “write organically,”  without an agenda for any sort of product.  Many of the poems have failed.  Most of them didn’t make sense at the time of the writing, since I wasn’t writing them chronologically, but I’ve tried to trust the character, the Aswang, and let her go where she wants, even if that meant jumping in time, country, emotional space.

As I blog right now as a writing break from the project, I’m satisfied to see where the poems will go in their sections, where the gaps are, and the poems I still need to write to finish.

Yay, it’s been a while since I’ve been enthused about this project, so I must get back to work!


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