As the EV Program comes to a close, I strangely find myself stuck or blocked in my writing (hence, the sparse and infrequent blog entries).  I think back to times when I could write HELLA poems in a day.  That time was like, last month.  Maybe I need a fallow season?

I’m not sure what it is exactly.  Traveling, graduation season, family stuff, job hunting, maybe.  I guess I’m being so distracted by LIFE.  The writing’s been hard.

Last night, we met with Michael Datcher, author of Raising Fences, and he spoke a lot about creating writing rituals around the process.  He said, it’s like going to the gym; once you get started, it’s hard, but your body gets used to it and knows.  This man wakes up at 4:30 AM, meditates, writes for two hours, then writes again for another half hour in the afternoon, and then again at night.  I can do this too, right?  This made me think about my schedule, which has just very recently changed, but mostly about my frantic attitude towards getting a new job.  Searching on Craigslist for the newest posting has replaced my writing time.  This will stop now.

When I asked Michael about his advice on getting close readers for works-in-progress, he suggested reading the poem to a mentor or friend aloud (while they read along), and check for the emotional response.  I’ve been feeling a bit emotionally distant with some poems from Ascela’s persona, and I think my next goal, for the next poem is to get a physical/emotional response (which I’ve gotten from the Anthro and Leticia) from an Ascela poem.

Another goal of mine: steal more from other poets’ and writers’ work!


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  1. Jessucka!

    get un-stuck girl! 🙂 ❤ you.

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