Left Hand Writing

To Donna Hilbert (our poetry teacher)’s suggestion, I’ve been writing recently with my left hand.

The quantity of writing isn’t even comparable to how much I can write with my right hand, but I’ve noticed the shift in voice, the tender attention I pay to what I’m about to write.  The words come often as a surprise, and I don’t anticipate what I’m about to write.  With the left hand, my mind isn’t two thoughts ahead of my hand.  Donna says that with the left hand (or the right, depending on what your dominant writing hand) allows us to be more attentive, go deeper in the writing, instead of rushing.

I must admit, I’ve been distracted from writing the aswang poems, and maybe it’s a good thing,  I don’t want to rush.  Also, I honestly feel like it’s becoming WORK.  I need to remember to play.  Anyone out there know of exercises in play?


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