A Novel Idea & the Promoting Self

Last Monday night, a few EV Fellows got together to practice for our upcoming reading this Sunday at the Hotel Cafe for the Tongue and Groove series.

I was the only poet present that rehearsal night. However, while listening to Marissa talk in both frustration and awe about the writing process for her novel (she started writing “organically” as David Francis would say.  As in, random scenes, and seeing where they go), I realized that I could relate.

I’m also understanding that I have a story arc for the aswang.  I’ve been writing from different locations (Manila, St. Louis, her barrio), and seeing how Ascela reacts, who she meets, what situations she gets into.  Maybe the author evenings with fiction writers aren’t useless for poets, after all…


I will never forget what poet Eloise Klein Healy said, at an author evening a few months ago.  She says to cultivate the multiple selves, even though it may be a challenge.  Of course, there is always the writing self, but remember the self that sends off the submissions to journals, the self that performs their work, the self that PROMOTES.

I will admit, I have a lot of trouble doing this for myself.  I’m learning, and this blog helps!  But I like what the PEN ED Adam Somers says, be the indie band!  With books in a box in the trunk of your car (or in your canvas bag on the Big Blue Bus).

With that long-winded preface, I have two readings this weekend, AND a new radio show!

*Saturday, May 9 , 2009 at the Arroyo Seco Library for the Lummis Day Festival.

*Sunday, May 10, 2009 at the Hotel Cafe in Hollywood for the Tongue and Groove series.

*“The Blood-Jet Writing Hour” – Next Thursday, May 14 at 10 am PST.  My first ever episode with poet Barbara Jane Reyes.


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