Ode to a Louse

There is a long history of poets writing about disgusting pests, i.e. Scottish poet, Robert Burns circa late 18th century. I’m glad to accept this inheritance.

Ode to the louse

By Robert Burns

Ye ugly, creepin, blastit wonner,
Detested, shunn’d by saunt an’ sinner,
How daur ye set your fit upon her –
Sae fine a lady!
Gae somewhere else and seek your dinner
On some poor body.
Apparently, Burns wrote this poem when he “observed a louse nested in the hair of a finely dressed lady seated in the pew just in front of him.”  EWW.
I guess poetry IS everywhere.  Even in a woman’s lice-filled hair.


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One response to “Ode to a Louse

  1. Jessucka!

    hahaha. the things that inspire us.

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