“Writing isn’t the same as THINKING about writing”

Someone wise said that.  I can’t remember who, but I say this to myself every morning, after breakfast I will write, after I make my bed I will write.   Chanting these things to myself isn’t gonna make the writing HAPPEN.  Actually, they make me feel more guilty about NOT writing.  Laurel Ann Bogen, my poet-mentor, tells me it’s okay to vomit on the page.  No one has to look at it, right?

Upon hearing a recording of Yusef Komunyakaa’s “Ode to the Maggot,” a new poem:

Ode to the Bedbug

You flat, brownbottom speck

gorge on blood before dawn.  You

sleep in everyone’s bed, faithless

and unnerving the thigh.  Thigh

brushed at by my own hand

in sleep.  At least there is a part of me

that swells you with blood,

multiples your body three-

fold.  At least there is something

about you that tells me where I’ve

been.  At least I’ve been



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One response to ““Writing isn’t the same as THINKING about writing”

  1. So true! I always THINK about my writing, and very rarely does a moment go by when I do not. And for all that time I’m not writing then feeling guilt.

    P.S. Awesome sauce poem. You know, I’m well too acquainted with those “faithless” blood suckers.

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